Trip to India 2016 (1) – Ahmedabad

So where have I been in the last couple of weeks?

Well, India of course! Not that I had forgotten about photography…its in the blood, whether with the Canon or Iphone 7 plus, which incidentally takes some wonderful pictures.

I have been practicing with Aperture Priority over the last few weeks. I think there are definitely areas where it is beneficial, for instance weddings or where depth of field is of importance, ie flowers.


Below is a variety of pictures taken in Ahmedabad. The hotel, I stayed in had amazing gardens with a variety of flowers. Gujarat also has a very rich culture and history.



Project 2016 – Task 2


Once you are familiar with the various camera controls, you will aim to produce a series of photographs which illustrate your exploration of creative and visual approach to a suggested theme of natural/man-made. The theme can be interpreted as you wish.

You should explore formal elements of visual language like: shape, form, texture, pattern, line, tone, colour, composition, viewpoint, framing, structure and lighting.

You should consider, highlight, reflect upon and apply image manipulation, ethical and legal issues as well as health and safety on location and whilst working with computer screens.


  • You should present a series of 5 images and comment on outcomes concentrating on strengths and weaknesses, technical issues, future improvements and aesthetics

All of the pictures above must be relevant in some way to the theme of natural/man-made.


When the topic of natural/man-made, besides a number of other locations for photographs, Virginia Water was my choice very early on.

What is unique about the place is the fact that that this topic is inherent in every aspect of this park, be it the lake with man-made rocks surrounding it, the disappearing Roman remains with vegetation all around, or the man-made/natural waterfall.


After taking a wide variety of pictures of the lake, the waterfall, people playing/relaxing/running, trees, flowers, I finally chose the ancient bridge/tunnel as the subject for this topic.


As you may notice, I used a tripod to take these shots. I started with aperture of f8 and eventually that the darkness needed reducing and therefore the aperture had to go to the lowest possible. After a few attempts at f3.5, I felt f4.0 was more suitable to the landscape. I even took one with a flash.

Project 2016 – Task 1

Through a range of exercises which focus on the major aspects of photography (depth of field, shutter speed and manual light metering) you will be able to use your camera on its manual setting, and have creative control over your picture taking. Through a study of various photographers, you will have an understanding of the best use of such effects, which you can then transfer to your own practice.


  • At least 4 photographs that illustrate changes in depth of field when you change the aperture, focal length and distance to the subject.
  • At least 4 photographs that illustrate use of selective or manual focus.
  • At least 4 photographs that illustrate the creative use of shutter speed to blur or freeze the movement.
  • All of the pictures above must be accompanied by an explanation of the settings on your camera, and an explanation as to why the effects have taken place.