Trip to India 2016 (2) – Mumbai

I took these in the new terminal at Mumbai Airport. Superb pieces of art.


There was a wedding taking place in the hotel, and I decided to crash and take a few pictures.


Out and about in Mumbai!


Trip to India 2016 (1) – Ahmedabad

So where have I been in the last couple of weeks?

Well, India of course! Not that I had forgotten about photography…its in the blood, whether with the Canon or Iphone 7 plus, which incidentally takes some wonderful pictures.

I have been practicing with Aperture Priority over the last few weeks. I think there are definitely areas where it is beneficial, for instance weddings or where depth of field is of importance, ie flowers.


Below is a variety of pictures taken in Ahmedabad. The hotel, I stayed in had amazing gardens with a variety of flowers. Gujarat also has a very rich culture and history.


Diwali 2016

A year without photos of fireworks would not be complete. Certainly, I feel I have improved a lot with night photography. Its probably one of my favorites. As Diwali fell on a Sunday, we decided not to go with the fireworks this year, so I took my camera and tripod and took some pictures of others doing so.

Also I visited the local Sikh temple and took a few pictures there too.

As for fireworks, please rest assured, they follows this post.


I love this time of the year because of the unique colours the season creates – the fallen leaves, the nearly barren trees, early sunsets etc…

So a couple of weeks I decided to take my camera and take some pictures just outside my house. I am constantly using manual settings and as I get used to them so does my technique and the quality of photos.

Let me know what you think.

Robin’s Wedding Sept-Oct 2016

Mehndi (Henna) Night

The Mehndi is a very festive night during the course of an Indian wedding and is usually the event that kicks off all of the celebration. It is colorful and cheerful and involves lots of singing, dancing, and of course, mehndi!


Party Night

All we need is any excuse to be merry!


The Wedding

A Sikh marriage is generally conducted as a religious ceremony in a Sikh Temple. Check the following for more information on this –